A responsible vision

With the challenges the world is now facing, we need to move swiftly to a more resilient and sustainable economy.

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The Pictet World

  • Campus Pictet de Rochemont
    The Campus Pictet de Rochemont, one of the most environmentally conscious buildings in Europe
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    Pictet Group awarded global EDGE “Move” Certification for fostering an inclusive and gender equal workplace
  • Philanthropy
    Origins and impact of our actions
  • The Origins of Pictet
    Every story starts somewhere. Ours goes back over 200 years.
  • Pictet Art Collection
    The Collection Pictet, founded in 2004, now contains over 900 Swiss artworks, dating from 1805 to the present day

About the Pictet Group

A leading European independent investment firm offering more than 200 years of global investment management

Our purpose is to build responsible partnerships with our clients, colleagues and the companies in which we invest, in order to safeguard and transmit wealth, of all kinds, in the service of the real economy.

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