Insights for investors

Multi-Asset 11 October Asset management

Italy’s putting together a populist budget that won’t be popular with the EU

Fixed income 10 October Asset management

The end of QE and rising market volatility favour total return credit strategies

China 8 October Wealth management

Renminbi nears a psychological threshold

Asset allocation 5 October Asset management

Monthly outlook: Immovable objects, irrestible forces

Fixed income 4 October Wealth management

It’s time to be more constructive on high yield

Asset allocation 27 September Wealth management

The direct impact of trade tensions remains limited for now, but there could be more damage ahead

Emerging markets 25 September Asset management

After Argentina and Turkey, what are the markets most at risk of a correction?

Megatrends 20 September Asset management

Reaching ‘peak stuff’: consumers appear to be falling out of love with material possessions

Euro area 19 September Wealth management

Contrasting fortunes: a divergence can be seen across asset classes

Investment strategy 19 September Asset management

Demystifying market timing: trying to take advantage of the market’s ups and downs is difficult

US trade policy 18 September Wealth management

Fresh tariffs should have limited economic impact for now

Responsible investing 17 September Asset management

Sustainable credit: assessing a company’s ESG credentials gives credit investors an edge

Asia economy 14 September Wealth management

Indian growth beats expectations, but should moderate

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