Insights for investors

Megatrends 18 April Asset management

Mega takes a look at what scientists are doing to make electric motors more efficient

Switzerland 15 April Wealth management

Growth is slowing, but finances are solid

Emerging markets 15 April Asset management

Turkey is on the verge of a crisis unless it delivers policy reforms

Global equities 12 April Wealth management

A fresh look at our equities scenario this year

Emerging markets 12 April Asset management

Investing in mainland Chinese shares is best handled through an active approach that can short stocks

Emerging markets 10 April Asset management

Even if India’s general election delivers surprises, the country's outlook is bright

World economy 10 April Wealth management

Indicators tend to support our belief that 3.3% world real GDP growth is achievable in 2019

Investment strategy 5 April Wealth management

Asset managers are increasingly turning to 'alternative data' to stay ahead of the competition and grow their customer base

Investment strategy 5 April Wealth management

Late in the economic cycle and with base rates already low, central banks will have to be careful not to upset markets

Alternative investments 4 April Wealth management

Real estate can offer attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns that are largely decorrelated from stock market gyrations

Global outlook 4 April Wealth management

Pictet Wealth Management’s CIO office leaders examine possible surprises in 2019 and how they could impact markets

Fixed income 4 April Wealth management

We have moved up our stance on euro investment-grade credits to neutral, believing they have better potential than their US peers

Asset allocation 2 April Asset management

With developed economies under pressure and corporate profit growth slowing, we cut equities to underweight

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