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Asset allocation 5 August Asset management

Riskier assets have rallied on hopes that the monetary taps will open once more, but the stimulus could be modest

Trade 2 August Wealth management

US-China ― With additional tariffs in the pipeline, should the Fed take notice?

Sustainability 2 August Asset management

Earth Overshoot Day: our model based on the planetary boundaries explores why this is happening

Emerging markets 31 July Asset management

Central European countries are defying euro zone weakness with strong rates of growth

Fixed income 30 July Asset management

With low rates here to stay, it is crucial for investors to find the right balance between risk and return

Investment strategy 25 July Wealth management

Markets are subjecting the world’s central bankers to the same punishment as Sisyphus

Investment strategy 23 July Wealth management

With good news already priced in, equities could face an uphill struggle in the short term

Geopolitics 22 July Wealth management

Our in-house expert discusses the prospect of an outright conflict between Iran and the US

China 19 July Wealth management

Attractive yields, low correlation ― two reasons why investors should consider Chinese local-currency debt

Fixed income 15 July Asset management

Why China’s demographics will speed up the internationalisation of the country's local currency debt market

Sovereign bonds 10 July Wealth management

Prospects of more ECB easing has contributed to an across-the-board rally and could help limit volatility in peripheral bonds

Global indicators 10 July Wealth management

The world PMI manufacturing index recorded its second consecutive month below 50

Megatrends 4 July Asset management

Algae can clean air, produce or even generate energy when used as part of bio-conscious architecture

Central banks 3 July Wealth management

Trade and disinflation keep central banks dovish

Thematic investing 1 July Asset management

Geopolitical tensions, more regulation, 5G – the stars are aligning for the cyber security industry and its investors

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