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Asset allocation 18 September Wealth management

The influence of the Modern Monetary Theory is growing, as the world’s central banks run out of options to stimulate the economy

Oil market 16 September Wealth management

The risk of oil supply disruption is here but it doesn’t fundamentally change our scenario

Responsible investing 12 September Asset management

Why financially robust companies also tend to have strong ESG credentials

Commodities 10 September Wealth management

Low oil prices are good news for disposable income, but they also reflect the risk of oversupply

Switzerland 9 September Wealth management

Swiss National Bank to stay on hold at its next policy meeting, but a lot will depend on ECB and Fed

Multi-Asset 9 September Asset management

Factor investing for equities has become increasingly popular – here’s what it is and how it works

Megatrends 8 September Asset management

Our diet needs to change to deliver healthy and sustainable meals to the world’s population

Asset allocation 6 September Asset management

We remain underweight equities, as central banks aren’t likely to deliver the expected stimulus

Thematic investing 4 September Asset management

The long road to digital transformation also means investment opportunities abound

US economy 4 September Wealth management

T-bond yields trending down, but beware inflationary surprises

Sovereign bonds 30 August Wealth management

Prospect of calmer political waters revives interest in Italian bonds

Brexit 29 August Wealth management

Hard Brexit has distinct implications for UK economy and assets

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The Pictet World

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    “We are a 214-year-old start-up,” explains Managing Partner Rémy Best in an interview with Private Banking Magazin
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    Sustainability and responsible capitalism: Pictet’s stance
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  • The Origins of Pictet
    Every story starts somewhere. Ours goes back over 200 years
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    Find out more about the measures Pictet is taking to reduce its environmental impact and raise employee awareness of sustainability issues
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  • Instagram
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