Responsible economics.
The opposite is no longer viable.
Responsibility goes hand-in-hand with a long-term, partnership approach. It means having a sense of responsibility and integrity not only towards the present generation but also to future generations — and to the real economy and the wider world. This is true sustainable thinking.

Building Responsible Partnerships

Human progress and economic development over the last century have come at a cost to our natural environment. Population growth and rising standards of living have led to exponential demand for energy and other natural resources. This has not only caused damage to our biosphere; the Earth’s capacity to regenerate has also been rapidly overstretched.

Our ambitions and beliefs

We are facing challenges that require an accelerated transition to a more resilient and sustainable economy. For the financial system, we call for a systemic shift in focus from exclusively maximising financial returns to embracing new models based on a responsible vision for the future.

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