The world’s oldest family-run business

Banque Pictet & Cie SA was admitted to the Henokiens Association in 2005 at the time of the Bank’s bicentenary. The Association brings together the world’s oldest family-run businesses.

Continuity is synonymous with success for the Henokiens. Every year they meet to reflect on the unique nature of their long-standing businesses, on the new challenges facing them and on the evolutions of their markets and of the economy in general. In July 2017 the members gathered in Vienna to discuss the theme “Keeping Traditions / Breaking Traditions”.

Today the Henokiens number around 50 members, all of whom share two essential characteristics: longevity – they have been in business for at least 200 years – and ownership – they're still owned by the founders' descendants.

The oldest member is Hotel Hoshi in Japan, founded in the 8th century by Garyo Hoshi and currently run by the 47th generation of the founding family.

Henokiens Association

The Henokiens was founded as an association with no commercial, industrial or financial aims. Based on values traditional to family businesses and set apart from multinationals, the Association seeks to place emphasis on partnership and sharing while at the same time offering moral, cultural and philosophical support to its members.

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