Our principles of succession and transmission of ownership have remained unchanged since foundation in 1805

Pictet is a partnership of six owner-managers responsible for the entire activity of the Group. With the eighth generation of the Pictet family still active in the partnership, our structure ensures that we remain committed to maintaining the financial strength and solidity of the Group.

From left to right, Laurent Ramsey, Marc Pictet, Renaud de Planta, Nicolas Pictet (Senior Partner), Rémy Best, Bertrand Demole.

41 partners since foundation

21 years average tenure

8th generation of Pictet family partners

Partnership for continuity and change

Strictly speaking, Pictet is not a family business. Pictet is a business in which several families have held partnership roles since foundation and in which succession is by no means assured.

The Pictet Model

A case study on Pictet’s partnership by The Witten Institute for Family Business, the first research institute in Germany to specialise in family businesses.