Joana Choumali wins 8th cycle of the Prix Pictet

Joana Choumali is the winner of the eighth cycle of the Prix Pictet, the global award in photography and sustainability, with a theme of Hope. The announcement was made at a ceremony at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at the opening of an exhibition of the work of the twelve shortlisted photographers.

Winner biography and photographs

Tristram Hunt, Director of the V&A, Isabelle von Ribbentrop, Pictet Group Communications, Joana Choumali, Winner, Ivan Pictet, Chairman of the Advisory Board to Prix Pictet, Stephen Barber, Head of Pictet Group Communications (left to right).

In a statement on behalf of the Prix Pictet Jury, Sir David King, Chairman of the Jury, said: “We were inspired by the words of our founding President, the late Kofi Annan, who in his final Prix Pictet address spoke of mankind’s potential to find hope in adversity, and of his profound hope that it was not too late to reverse the catastrophic damage that we have visited on the natural world and its most vulnerable inhabitants. Let’s be under no illusion that in these past two years the crisis we are facing has deepened. Yet hope remains, albeit fragile and elusive. The work of the twelve shortlisted photographers underlines the great hope of the Prix Pictet—the wager that we all make with the future, that art can inspire action and triumph where words alone have failed.”

Podcast: A lens on Sustainability
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Global award in photography and sustainability

In 2008, the partners of the Pictet Group created the Prix Pictet prize to draw worldwide attention to and stimulate action on issues of sustainability through the medium of photography.

Since foundation, the Prix Pictet has focused on environmental themes: there have been seven, beginning with Water, followed by Earth, Growth, Power, Consumption, Disorder, Space.

Theme for the 8th cycle

At a special evening at the Rencontres d’Arles on 5 July 2018 the theme for the eighth cycle of the Prix Pictet was announced. The new theme is Hope. The prize is awarded on a two-year cycle.


“It is my hope that the Prix Pictet will help to deepen understanding of the changes taking place in our world and raise public awareness about the urgency of taking preventative action.”

Kofi Annan (1938-2018) Former Honorary President, Prix Pictet

A tribute to Kofi Annan
By Stephen Barber, Chairman, Prix Pictet


The Prix Pictet celebrates its 10-year anniversary
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Among other festivities commemorating the ten year anniversary, we recently opened a retrospective exhibition at the renowned Rencontres d’Arles photography festival in the south of France. This show is a rare opportunity to view together the work of the seven laureates, Benoit Aquin, Nadav Kander, Mitch Epstein, Luc Delahaye, Michael Schmidt, Valerie Belin and Richard Mosse.

Ten years of existence Raising awareness

4000 nominated artists through 7 cycles
of the Prix Pictet

89 shortlisted photographers by 300 world-class

92 exhibitions in 40 cities

Latest winner

In May 2017 Richard Mosse was announced winner of the 7th cycle of the Prix Pictet, “Space”. Selected from a shortlist, Mosse was chosen for his series Heat Maps 2016-17.

Richard Mosse’s Heat Maps series documents refugee camps using a military grade thermal camera that can detect body heat from a distance of 30.3 km. The series focuses on the journey of migrants across Europe, the Middle East and north Africa. Mosse has used the camera to scan the sites, creating densely detailed panoramic thermal images, tracing each camp’s perimeter and the anthropology of life within.

Video interview with Richard Mosse
Richard Mosse’s works on Prix Pictet website


“For ten years the Prix Pictet has campaigned through powerful images to bring global attention to critical issues of sustainability. Many of the finest photographers on the planet have turned their lenses on the greatest threats facing humankind in the 21st century. Have we made a difference? I sincerely believe so.”

Sir David King Chair of the Prix Pictet Jury

Prix Pictet Exhibition Prix Pictet ‘Space’ Vernissage at EPFL ArtLab, Lausanne, Switzerland - September 2018

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