The power of photography

In 2008, the partners of the Pictet Group created the Prix Pictet prize to draw worldwide attention to and stimulate action on issues of sustainability through the medium of photography.

Since foundation, the Prix Pictet has focused on environmental themes: there have been seven, beginning with Water, followed by Earth, Growth, Power, Consumption, Disorder and now Space. The award for Space was made on 4 May 2017. The prize is awarded on a two-year cycle.

“It is my hope that the Prix Pictet will help to deepen understanding of the changes taking place in our world and raise public awareness about the urgency of taking preventative action.”

Kofi Annan Honorary President, Prix Pictet

7th cycle of the Prix Pictet

In May 2017 Richard Mosse was announced winner of the Prix Pictet Space. Selected from a shortlist, Mosse was chosen for his series “Heat Maps 2016-17”.

Heat Maps 2016-17

Richard Mosse’s Heat Maps series documents refugee camps using a military grade thermal camera that can detect body heat from a distance of 30.3 km. The series focuses on the journey of migrants across Europe, the Middle East and north Africa. Mosse has used the camera to scan the sites, creating densely detailed panoramic thermal images, tracing each camp’s perimeter and the anthropology of life within.

Richard Mosse's works on Prix Pictet website

“The images submitted for the Prix Pictet confront us with the scale of the threat we face and they act to inspire governments, businesses — and all of us as individuals — to step up to the challenge and support change for a sustainable world.”

Kofi Annan Honorary President, Prix Pictet

Prix Pictet Space Award ceremony - Victoria & Albert Museum, London - 4 May 2017