One of the hedge fund industry’s largest asset managers

Pictet made its first hedge fund investment in 1991.

Today, we manage a total of over USD10bn in single hedge fund and multi-manager hedge fund strategies, under UCITS-compliant and offshore structures.

Our offering includes a range of commingled and tailor-made portfolios managed on an advisory or discretionary basis.

Hedge fund investing Specialists since 1991

7.9 USD BILLION assets under management
(as of 31.12.2021)

95+ managers in our investment

135 invested hedge funds

Our offer

Single hedge funds

Over the past few years, more and more investors have been attracted to unconstrained investing to complement conventional benchmarked strategies.

In the past decade, Pictet Asset Management has built up specialist teams and expanded its product offering to include a range of hedge funds within UCITS-compliant and offshore structures.

Our hedge funds range includes the following strategies

  • Multi-Strategy Market Neutral

  • Global Credit Long/Short

  • Europe Mid Cap Equity Long /Short

  • Greater China Equity Long/Short

  • Asian Equity Market Neutral

  • Catalyst-Driven European Equity Market Neutral

Multi-manager hedge funds

A leader in the European hedge fund investment space, we launched our first customised hedge fund portfolio in 1991 – and still manage it today – while our first fund of hedge funds was launched in 1994.

As an established player in the industry, PAA has built long-standing relationships with a large network of global managers. PAA’s investment universe currently comprises approximately 95 managers across all hedge fund strategies, geographies and AuM volume.

PAA’s solutions cover a range of multi- and single-strategy funds and tailor-made portfolios managed on an advisory or discretionary basis. Approximately 70% of our AuM is invested in customised portfolios and the remaining 30% in commingled solutions.