Mastering complexity in the age of intricacy

We manage every aspect of the asset servicing process, leaving clients free to concentrate on their own priorities — that is, distributing their products or generating portfolio performance.

Our clients include asset managers, pension funds, institutions and banks.

Pictet Asset Services Renowned for our client servicing, operational integrity and entrepreneurial spirit

assets in custody

10 booking centres

1072 full-time equivalent employees

What sets us apart


As part of a Group with no investment banking activities, we act independently, objectively, with no conflicts of interest and always to the advantage of our client.

Consistency and continuity

Our single-point-of-entry principle and low staff turnover have resulted in an uncompromising client-centred philosophy. We take a long-term approach to our business and to our partnership with clients.

Fast and flexible decision-making

Because of our size and structure, all our experts are in‐house, and we can easily bring together one of the Group’s Partners, an asset manager, a tax adviser, a reporting specialist and a technology expert, to find swift solutions.

Protection your performance

We have developed an effective alpha protection programme to enhance clients’ asset performance and to meet the most stringent risk management requirements. This programme also includes advanced monitoring and analytical reporting.

Financially secure

Pictet is well resourced and financially secure, with ratings among the highest in the banking industry today: Prime -1/Aa2 from Moody's and F1+/AA- from Fitch.

Industry-recognised brand

Pictet’s expertise as a custodian is globally recognised. For more than 20 years the Group has regularly ranked among the best in international surveys.

Worldwide market coverage

Our custody services cover 95 markets worldwide – including almost every country with a stock exchange. When we appoint sub-custodians to hold assets in particular countries, we choose local banks only after rigorous scrutiny and careful selection, and monitor them continuously.

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