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Data-driven sustainable investing - Bringing clarity to investments
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AI powered investment tool with expanded ESG framework

Clarity.AI is a mission driven company which was founded in 2016. It has been awarded and featured globally.

Its main purpose is to bring societal impact to markets. Clarity.AI offers solutions leveraging artificial intelligence to provide meaningful data to asset holders and investors in order for them to achieve their sustainable investment goals.

Clarity.AI aggregates multiple data sources and selects the most reliable ones, offering the largest coverage of social and environmental impact data about publicly traded securities in the market. It has developed a proprietary methodology to comprehensively evaluate societal and environmental impact.

While most ESG information providers measure financial risk linked to sustainability metrics, Clarity.AI offers various types of scores that, in addition to financial risk, also measure how companies behave and the impact of companies’ product and services on society. Clarity Standard is based on scientific research, quantitative assessment and global preferences. Additionally, the Clarity.AI tool allows customers to input the importance of each social metric to build their own customized scores. 

Clarity.AI offers an end-to-end Software as a Service Tool and an API to provide the maximum flexibility to their customers. The SaaS tool is built for portfolio and not just company analysis. Customers have access to analysis of 100k+ funds with integrated financial and social impact information.

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