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Meeting specific needs

Private label fund services

For our clients looking for a tailor-made and competitive offer to match their specific needs, our private label fund services comes with the best solutions.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in the investment fund business with public investment funds. In launching third-party funds we work closely with our clients to identify the most appropriate legal structure and domicile so that their funds fulfil specific requirements in terms of liquidity, investment flexibility and regulatory safeguards.

We have amassed a wealth of experience in private labelling, covering the full range of requisite services:

  • setting up the legal structure
  • publishing documents
  • dealing with supervisory authorities
  • providing all operational aspects for servicing funds
  • acting as custodian bank.

Exploring new frontiers

Twenty years ago, investing in emerging markets required strong convictions, rigorous operational controls and, it has to be said, a certain audacity.

“We were among the first to develop expert asset servicing for our own emerging market funds,” says Marc Briol, CEO of Pictet Asset Services. “Soon after, with a London-based investment manager, we saw the opportunity to create a vehicle to invest in Africa and the Middle East. Even now they often consult us on counterparty, operational and regulatory risk in these markets. The fund holds board meetings in the Middle East to have direct access to the companies in which it invests. We made this leap into the unknown together and today we see an experienced manager looking after a multiple of the original seed capital. It’s very satisfying.”

Michèle Berger, of FundPartner Solutions, involved in setting up the fund in 1994, recalls, “The extensive fact finding we carried out gave us the confidence that we would be able to take advantage of the great opportunities ahead of us.”

FundPartner Solutions Dedicated management companies for third-party funds

Additional services

Pictet created an independent entity from the custody bank to provide its fund services in a separated and compliant way. Ttwo dedicated management companies, FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A. and and FundPartner Solutions (Suisse) S.A. handle all fund administration services and the creation of private label funds.

This ensures clearer segregation of our fund administration operations from the custody bank.

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