Benefits of our events for our clients and partners

Benefits of our events for our clients and partners

Barometer PAS

Our Barometer events provide our clients with Pictet Asset Management’s view on key global financial and economic trends and the implications on investment strategies.

The speaker is a leading Pictet strategist, and a Q&A session at the end of the presentation, provides our clients with an opportunity ask him questions.

The presentation then is followed by a lunch which allows our clients to meet in an informal setting.

Presentations are given in French.

Legal seminar

The purpose of this annual event is twofold:

  • First and foremost, for our clients, it is a unique opportunity to review in a full day event, current issues, topics that affect their everyday life in legal and regulatory matters. These are centralised through Pictet Asset Services, the custodian bank, allowing clients to benefit from the contributions of recognised internal and external professionals (lawyers, tax specialists, consultants).
  • For Pictet Asset Services, this is the way to reach a large number of our partners, delivering a unique message. It also is used as a means to share the concerns of our clients in order to continue to respond effectively to their needs.

Discussions are held in different languages.

Business lunch

At Pictet Trading & Sales’ business lunches, analysts from our trading strategy team discuss their current outlook on global markets and present their preferred investment themes and trading strategies: all on a tactical, short-term basis and with reference to macroeconomic data and trends, technical indicators and the desk’s own in-house equity quantitative screening process.

Speakers are leading Pictet strategists, and the occasion provides our clients with a opportunity to comment, discuss and ask questions about the current trading environment.

Presentations are given in French.

Market perspectives

Our Investment Landscape event is organised in January each year.

This allows you to access to Pictet Asset Management yearly views, presented by Luca Paolini (Chief Strategist), who reviews the previous year's results and major economic, financial events and will discuss the Pictet AM Strategy Unit’s investment outlook for the forthcoming year.

A Q&A session at the end of the presentation will provide you with the possibility to ask him all questions you may have.

Luca Paolini’s interventions are in English.

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