How have Pictet employees across the world adapted to changing working conditions brought on by Covid-19?

Capturing the stories of Pictet leaders across business lines worldwide and their achievements over the pandemic.

Alessandra Losito

Head of Pictet Wealth Management Italy

“Don’t play to win, play to stay.”

Daryl Felix

Business Continuity Manager at Pictet Asset Management

“Putting a crisis plan together is no easy cooking recipe.”

Daniele Cammilli

Head of Marketing and Client Servicing in Milan

“Close to Easter break we realized that some of us were quarantined alone at home, far from friends and family, so we arranged a visio of the whole marketing team in the morning of Easter day.”

Shimako Ogishima

Head of Corporate Office in Tokyo Shimako Ogishima

“I set up a tentative satellite office in one room of the house to distinguish between being on and off work.”

Valérie Vidal Mombrand

Pictet Asset Management Managing editor in the Marketing team in Geneva Valérie Vidal Mombrand

“In terms of work, I think this time at home has made people evaluate what really matters to them, and I hope, appreciate the meaning of the work they do.”

Shin Lee

Head of Pictet Asset Management in Singapore Shin Lee

“Adjust your expectations.”