“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin!”

About Saman

Role: Head of Pictet Wealth Management Middle East
Unit: Pictet Wealth Management
Based in: Zurich

Saman Habibian


How did you adapt to the current circumstances?

A proper balance is key, i.e. take 30-60mins per day to have a run or walk outside, regardless of any weather conditions. And while working from home, create your proper workplace/office in order to ensure a focused working attitude. A significantly higher rate and regular contact with your colleagues, mainly through phone, but also video conferences. 

Are you witnessing any impact on your team ?

I strongly believe that one of the positive impacts is that the team is now even more solidly united. I have also seen an increased in our sense of entrepreneurship, especially driven by the “work from home” concept. 

What did you learn about yourself? 

How quickly adaptive and patient I am. If I want my surroundings to feel well, I have to make sure that I feel well myself too. 

“I strongly believe that one of the positive impacts is that the team is now even more solidly united.”

Saman Habibian Head of Pictet Wealth Management Middle East, Zurich

Any anecdote you could share with us through times of confinement?

I had several ongoing discussions with some of our key clients. The amount we spend together talking about everything but business was obviously significantly higher. I now have had several clients telling me how much they appreciate our friendship and that I am not their banker anymore but their friend. 

What impact do you see for Pictet? For the working world?

I believe there is a unique opportunity for Pictet and the entire financial industry in further increasing efficiency, entrepreneurship and flexibility by learning from the current crisis