“What I enjoy most is the trust the relationship managers place in me. They rely on me and I stay with their clients if they're still busy in other meetings.”

Role: Team head of Client Reception Management, responsible for managing and organising the client reception desk at Geneva headquarters
Based in: Geneva
Home country: Switzerland
Hobbies: Hiking, biking, trekking, skiing
Joined Pictet in: 2001

Florence, Team head of Client Reception Management


Remembering how they take coffee and entertaining their children is all part of Florence’s welcome when clients arrive at Pictet.

What does the team do?

Florence's team handles more than 130 visits every day. Each one is hosted in one of the 38 meeting rooms that extend over four floors. For the reception staff days begin early and end late. "What I enjoy most about my work is the trust the relationship managers place in me. In a way I'm their assistant: they rely on me and I stay with their clients if they're still busy in other meetings."

How does she make the difference?

Knowing Pictet's clients and looking after their needs is what Florence does best. She prepares the client salons and adds a personal touch when she knows a client's tastes –some prefer a tropical fruit juice while others ask for a coffee with two creams. She aims to make the client as comfortable as possible while they wait. Some arrive with their children, and Florence has a bag of tricks to keep them entertained, ranging from colouring books to putting on a DVD.

And in her spare time?

Florence loves nature and exploring the rugged, verdant pastures of Gruyère on her mountain bike. Here she finds peace, she says, surrounded by the wild and faced with the physical challenge of scaling the peaks.

Riding a mountain bike isn't Florence's only hobby, though. Apart from being a keen hiker and mountaineer, she skis a lot and goes on treks. She speaks enthusiastically of nights in a mountain hut after eating a thick bubbling fondue, listening to the calls of Alpine choughs and the whistling of the wind through the stonework. "I have to be outdoors, close to nature. I can't stand indoor sports. There's no better way of getting over a tough week and back into shape than being able to gaze towards the horizon, breathe fresh air and do strenuous exercise."