“After you’ve been through the graduate programme, you really feel that Pictet has invested in your future.”

Current position: Investment Specialist, Pictet Wealth Management
Based in: Geneva
Followed: Pictet Wealth Management graduate programme
Graduated: December 2009

Diane, Investment Specialist (former Pictet Graduate), Pictet Wealth Management, Geneva


Diane, educated in Switzerland, half Swedish and half Swiss, enthuses about the breadth and depth of the Pictet Wealth Management training programme, which she joined in September 2010 after taking a Master’s in International Management at St. Gallen.

Tell us about your graduate programme experience:

I really enjoyed the analysts’ group. You could pick any company to analyse—I chose Estée Lauder—and this was a crucial experience for me. At the end of the 18 months you join one of the wealth management groups, with either a marketing or an investment orientation. My focus is investment.

How does the programme set you up for a career at the bank?

You get to know people across Pictet, which is really helpful when you are looking for solutions requiring specific experts. The graduates are all over the Group worldwide. 

Why did you stay?

After you’ve been through the programme, you really feel that Pictet has invested in your future. You feel a strong sense of loyalty to the company.

Who helped you get where you are today, and why?

My boss. I joined his team for three months during the programme and then they asked me to stay. He likes to develop people and challenges them to be their best. He is very generous with his knowledge. He immediately brought me along to client meetings and introduced me to his huge network. He sees motivation in people and makes sure they are pushed in the right direction so that they soar. 

Do you have any advice for future applicants to the Pictet Graduate Programme?

During the programme you pass through all areas of the bank. You can figure out along the way which department you will ultimately work in but you’ll need high motivation to carry you through. Be curious. Be ready to learn. Also from your mistakes. And bring your own ideas. It’s a big opportunity to develop your own path.