From a poetic journey into the human soul to techniques slowing down aging, colleagues from across the Pictet Group share their favourite books.




Homo Deus
Yuval Noah Harari

“Exploring how humans as species and their society may evolve in the future. The most interesting part is the analysis of the current trends and the links the author makes with the proposed outcomes."

Recommended by Wiktoria Urantowka, Data Scientist


Un voyage vers soi

Jung – Un voyage vers soi
Frédéric Lenoir

“Frédéric Lenoir est un sociologue, philosophe, écrivain, journaliste, conférencier. Il permet aux lecteurs de connaître l’essence des idées des différents penseurs en toute simplicité.’’

Recommended by Alexandra Clop, Portfolio Accounting Officer


Deep Work

Deep Work
Cal Newport

“Developing and cultivating a deep work culture and practice is one of the best decisions you can make in an increasingly distracted world.”

Recommended by Rodrigue Kwanga, Consultant


The Queen and I

The Queen and I 
Sue Townsend

“A funny fictional story of the British royal family, back in the days of Lady Di. A wink to this year’s celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee!"

Recommended by  Véra Giraud, Process Formalization and Continuous Improvement Support


Affaire Quebert

La Vérité sur l’Affaire Harry Quebert
Joël Dicker

"A 15-year-old girl disappears and is found dead 30 years later. An exceptional story full of twists and turns."

Recommended by Francesco Salerno, Intern – Institutional Sales Team



Lifespan – Why we Age and Why We Don’t Have To 
David Sinclair

“Learn about the aging process and the techniques that might slow it down to remain young both physically as well as emotionally.”

Recommended by Adrian Besen, Trainee internship 


Inside the O'Briens

Inside the O’Briens 
Lisa Genova

“Disorganised thinking and involuntary movement. Attributing these episodes to stress, Joe is eventually diagnosed with a condition that will change his life forever.” 

Recommended by Daniel Fazio, Software Engineer

  D'ailleurs, les poissons n'ont pas de pieds

D’ailleurs, les poissons n’ont pas de pieds
Jòn Kalman Stefánsson

“Plus qu’un voyage en Islande, le roman suit une famille sur trois générations. Une immersion dans ces contrées où l’humain se bat pour exister, une étude de l’âme humaine.”

Recommended by Florian Salina, Trader - Derivatives


Quiet - The power of Introverts in a world than can’t stop talking
Susan Cain

“How introverts refuel every day, what they need to function properly, how they contribute to their professional and personal environments. It also explains why Introverts are often fascinated by Extroverts and how important it is that they stay true to their nature as they do contribute to society in their own “Quiet” way.”

Recommended by Alexander Schoen, Domain Manager