Pictet Group Charitable Foundation

The Pictet Group Charitable Foundation was created in 2009, with a view to formalising the approach to the charitable and philanthropic work supported by Pictet’s Partners over a number of years.

The Foundation, which is established under Swiss law and recognised as being of public benefit, is chaired by Pictet's Senior Partner. It is administered by a board comprising Partners, former Partners and staff members. Its primary purpose is to provide financial support to charitable organisations and public-interest projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Support for causes in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the Foundation has chosen to focus on specific causes which it has repeatedly supported over the years:

  • in the area of health and medicine, the Foundation’s work places special emphasis on medical research into cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and HIV;
  • in the sphere of culture, the Foundation provides support to a range of cultural venues and bodies in Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland (music, theatre and opera).

The Foundation also works to provide assistance to those in need as well as support for families and young people.

Support for causes abroad

Outside Switzerland, the Foundation provides support for numerous projects to help disadvantaged communities in developing countries, in particular in the fields of humanitarian aid, youth work and education.

More generally, the Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of those in need and to encourage respect for human rights.


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