Message from the Partners

We are a partnership of six owner managers responsible for the entire activity of the Pictet Group. Our principles of succession and transmission of ownership have remained unchanged since Pictet’s foundation in 1805.


Our only business is asset and wealth management, together with related asset services. We do not engage in investment banking, nor do we extend commercial loans. Pictet’s partnership structure ensures that we remain committed to maintaining the financial strength and solidity of the Group.

Independence lies at the heart of our approach to business and we consider it to be the ultimate source of success for our clients and for Pictet.

As owners and managers our primary responsibility is for the interests of our clients. As a matter of principle, all partners remain available to meet clients and indeed do so regularly.

Because Pictet is privately owned, we are able to set our own business strategy without pressure from external shareholders. This financial independence goes hand-in-hand with independence of spirit, and frees us from the temptations of short term fashion.

Pictet has a distinctive culture of cooperation and partnership which we believe springs directly from our long history of stability, continuity and organic growth.

Over the past 212 years there have been only 41 partners, each with an average tenure of over 21 years. Because the partners' terms overlap, the knowledge, experience and values of each generation of partners are absorbed and passed on without interruption.

While this tradition ensures continuity, it also creates the adaptable and entrepreneurial environment which is essential to the future prosperity of our clients and of Pictet itself.

Pictet’s strategy for over thirty years has been guided by the conviction that our success depends on providing individuals and institutions with the highest possible investment quality and service.

Today, we have a diversified and profitable asset management business similar in scale to our wealth management business.

The Partners


The Advantage of Time

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Partners and senior managers discuss Pictet values and what it takes to keep the Group strong today.

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