Driverless vehicles

Pictet Asset Management

Cars could soon warn each other about traffic jams and dangerous road conditions, and also communicate with bridges and traffic lights.

Self-driving cars are just years away from reality. Driverless buses and autonomous long-distance lorries aren’t far behind.

One key area for technological improvement – and thus potential investment opportunities – is security. Manufacturers estimate that driver-assisted radars alongside other technological improvements could help save 30,000 lives a year, preventing ten times as many injuries.

Not to mention "Talking cars". Your preferred vehicle may well soon be able to recognise your voice or gestures, and to "talk” to other vehicles, even emergency services.


Forecasts show that up to 15 per cent of passenger vehicles sold globally in 2030 will be fully autonomous, while revenues in the automotive sector could nearly double.

From driverless cars to delivery drones, autonomous vehicle technology is  becoming a reality. 

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