Independent Asset Managers

A structure adapted to your needs

Over the past 40 years, Pictet has established itself as a supporting partner of more than 450 independent asset managers from around the world.

Our approach

Our services allow you to present a comprehensive solution to managing your clients’ wealth while reducing costs, enhancing revenues and alleviating your administrative burden.

We can help you serve the best interests of your clients and focus on managing their portfolios with comprehensive and efficient administrative support backed by the whole Pictet Group.

With independent asset managers and banks alike, having to contend with unpredictable markets and ever more stringent regulatory and legal constraints, it makes even more sense to team up with a solid partner.



Our strengths

Pictet's reputation
Easy access to top management
Fast and flexible decision making
Full range of services tailored to each client
Low staff turnover
Interface offering through PICLINK
Pictet Connect online platform

We offer our services in Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Nassau, Paris, Singapore and Zurich.

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