Equities strategies

Whether in emerging markets or thematic investment, we are recognised as a pioneering manager, managing strategies in these areas through an extensive range of funds.

Developed markets

Our central philosophy is based on looking at how companies are valued compared to their intrinsic value. Drawing on a range of internal and external research, we offer actively managed Global, EAFE, European, Japanese and Swiss equity strategies.

Emerging markets

Investing in emerging market equities since 1986, we manage a range of strategies, including both regional (Asia, Greater China and Eastern Europe) and country-specific (Russia and India). The investment team are active stock pickers with a fundamental-led investment process.

High dividend

For investors wishing to invest in equity markets and looking for a regular return, we offer high-dividend strategies, including a global developed high-dividend and an emerging-market high dividend.

Smaller companies

Smaller companies provide excellent under-researched investment opportunities, offering ample scope for adding value through experienced and informed research. We have built our skills in smaller-company investment since 1986 and today offer European and International (EAFE) strategies.

Megatrends and theme-based investment

Megatrends are defined as representing long-term structural changes in demographic, social and economic factors. Examples include globalisation, network economy and sustainability. From these long-term trends we identify attractive investment themes, which appear at the intersections of several such megatrends.

We offer a range of thematic investment strategies, – Agriculture, Clean Energy, Digital Communication, Global Environmental Opportunities, Health, Premium Brands, Robotics, Security, Timber and Water – while a multi-strategy fund gives access to the entire range of themes (Global Megatrend Selection).

Sustainable Equities

We target quality companies with superior corporate responsibility, on the premise that companies of this type that incorporate sustainability in their development strategies are in a better position to seize new business opportunities, mitigate operational, reputational and financial risks, motivate employees and, ultimately, create long-term shareholder value.

With this in mind, we have developed a new investment framework designed to capture the ability of companies to generate attractive and resilient shareholder returns while avoiding boom-and-bust business models. In order to be eligible for investment, companies must excel from both a financial and extra-financial point of view. Equally, we seek to avoid companies that are profitable at the expense of shareholders, employees, consumers or the environment, as well as companies that are “green” but financially unattractive.

The funds offer exposure to core equities with the additional benefit of investing in sustainable companies. Our strategies promote companies that engage in low-carbon energy sources, healthy food and healthcare equipment. Conversely, they avoid those in the so-called junk food or tobacco industries.


Index funds, also known as passively managed or tracker funds, are designed to provide market returns by tracking a chosen index and replicating its performance as closely as possible. We have been managing a range of equity index portfolios since 1986, covering developed and emerging equity markets through a range of regional and single-country strategies.

Additional information

Our country websites provide more information on our range of funds.

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