About Pictet Wealth Management

Pictet is one of Switzerland’s leading private banks, with a world-class reputation for performance, integrity and client service.

About Pictet Wealth Management
About Pictet Wealth Management

Genuine independence in managing your wealth

Pictet has been an independent private bank for more than 200 years, and we are determined to remain so. The Partners share a strong sense of personal responsibility for the activities of the Pictet Group. With no outside pressure to maximise short-term returns for shareholders, we focus on managing our clients’ assets to create value over the longer term.

Organic growth and financial solidity

From the outset, Pictet has focused on managing the wealth of private individuals and institutional investors. Our capital significantly exceeds the already stringent levels demanded by Swiss regulation. We do not engage in any form of investment banking, and we do not issue any commercial, mortgage or unsecured loans. We have never been tempted to raise capital by floating on the stock exchange: we advance organically at our own pace without growth by acquisition.

First-rate custodian

Pictet has a long and impeccable history of safeguarding client assets in complete security. We can offer different locations for holding your wealth so that you can shift your assets if financial or geopolitical events make it necessary. We have the most advanced standards of data security to protect your privacy. And we recruit talented individuals who often remain with us for decades, providing continuity for our clients by developing the deep mutual understanding needed for a successful wealth management partnership.