Family Office Services

In an increasingly complex world, we accompany families and wealthy individuals in defining a successful strategy for their wealth. We can work with you and your family to form an appropriate strategy based on three principles of governance.


  • Family governance

    Strategy, Organisation & Change management

    200 years and nine generations of experience have shaped our distinctive approach: formalise your family strategy, design the most appropriate family organisation and manage change.

  • Investment governance

    Global Fiduciary Management

    Our open platform allows the implementation of an investment strategy tailored to your family's objectives, while leaving you free to choose your level of involvement in the investment process.

  • Operational governance

    Custody Architecture & Reporting

    Our Global Custody solutions help you improve risk management and reporting while also enhancing operational efficiency within complex global markets.

Seeing the big picture

Family Office Services - Integrated solution

The larger the fortune, the more critical it is to ensure proper oversight of your assets and the associated risks, to have clear responsibilities within the family and to enjoy access to institutional solutions.

Given proper oversight, you will be in a position to develop clear objectives for the long-term preservation, growth and control of your wealth.

Pictet will work with your trusted advisers, asset managers and established wealth management experts. By either acting as a central coordinator and/or assuming the CIO function, our aim is to provide simplified and lasting support to meet your specific needs.

Managing exceptional wealth

A quarter of a century ago, the world’s exceptional fortunes were few in number. Many were either inherited wealth or large business fortunes in the US. The collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and Deng Xiaoping’s market-based reforms in China in the late 1980s – spreading to other emerging economies – released a global entrepreneurial energy that has transformed the wealth management landscape. “There are many more large fortunes globally, mostly first generation entrepreneurs, many from emerging markets. They are very sophisticated, global, and their needs are complex. We need to be equipped to look after such clients,” says Philippe Bertherat, former managing partner. Pictet has developed expertise in the structuring, investment and operational demands of such clients. “These clients need a bank of a certain size because they are large. They want high quality services, which we have because of our institutional activities both in wealth management and asset services. But also they like to deal in a private environment where they can talk to the owners. Frankly I don’t know very many firms that can offer that,” observes Jacques de Saussure, senior managing partner.