Digital services

Pictet’s clients can remain in constant contact with the Bank by using its state-of-the-art digital services.

Wealth, the mobile application from Pictet Wealth Management

With Pictet’s mobile application "Wealth", you can interact digitally with Pictet and have your portfolio at your fingertips.

Pictet Wealth is currently available to all clients who hold an account at one of our European offices.


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Main features

  • Secure messaging
    Exchange messages with your relationship manager in a user-friendly, confidential and secure environment.
  • Portfolio
    View your portfolio, positions and daily transactions, and access both historical performance data and market data (stock quotes, market indices and exchange rates).
  • Financial views
    Read economic news, analysis and Flashnotes, and download our publications.
  • Documents
    Easily access all your correspondence with Pictet.
  • Timeline
    Find all the interactions on a single screen.
  • Notifications
    Receive instant notifications about your secure messages, portfolio and financial analysis.

Pictet Connect

The Pictet Connect e-banking platform offers numerous features linked to high-quality services so that you can have personalised and easy-to-access information.

Pictet Connect is available in French, English, German and Spanish.

Main features

  • Your portfolios online
    Your portfolios and the progress of your transactions can be viewed in real time. The information is adapted to your needs by means of simple, flexible presentations that are regularly enhanced.
  • Storing your old banking data
    You will no longer need to receive and store correspondence as your data will remain accessible to you for three years.
  • Financial research
    You can read expert analysis by Pictet specialists. The analysis you access will depend on your investment profile and the regulatory constraints of your country of domicile. 
  • Secure messaging
    Receive and send secure e-mails directly via the Pictet Connect interface. All your messages are encrypted so you can transfer information and documents securely wherever you happen to be.
Pictet Connect is also available for tablets.

Assistance to clients and questions

If you would like to use this application or Pictet Connect to interact with the Bank, or simply to access your portfolio, please inform your relationship manager.

If there are any technical issues, please contact the Client Call Centre.