Swiss Pension Planning

Our investment portfolios offer salaried employees and self-employed persons various and flexible pension planning solutions for meeting their 2nd Pillar and 3rd Pillar A pension provision under Swiss law.


Managing your pension accruals and savings

Our pension planning offering leaves you free to allocate your vested pension accruals and your individual pension savings across four different investment portfolios, and also to decide temporarily not to invest part or all of your vested benefits. This capital allocation can be adjusted at any time at no charge.

Through professional management and by taking advantage of all the investment possibilities allowed under Swiss law, both Pictet Foundations (2nd Pillar and 3rd Pillar A) seek to achieve higher longterm returns than accounts offering a preferential rate of interest.

Our investment portfolios

Each of our portfolios is based on a particular investment strategy:

Security   LPP/BVG-Short-Mid Term Bonds
Defensive   LPP/BVG-10
Growth   LPP/BVG-25
Dynamic   LPP/BVG-40

They also differ from each another in terms of the level of risk (higher or lower) and the performance outlook.

Find out more about our Foundations

Documentation, forms and other publications related to our pension planning solutions.