How we manage wealth

How we manage wealth

Private Banking

Pictet’s central purpose is the management of the assets of our clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, successful professionals or families with inherited wealth accumulated over generations.

  • Security and planning

    Peace of mind and well-structured planning are the foundations of private banking relationships and successful investment.

  • Delegation or advice

    You can delegate the management of your wealth to Pictet or you may take advantage of our advice and services to manage it yourself.

  • Investment

    Benefit from access to the accumulated wisdom of some of the world's best asset managers.

  • Structuring your wealth

    We ensure that your assets are held as effectively as possible, both now and for succeeding generations.

  • Swiss pension planning

    We offer various pension planning solutions for meeting your 2nd and 3rd pillar pension provision under Swiss law.

Private Banking

Dedicated expertise for exceptional wealth

  • Family Office Services

    A family-run firm, who better to be by your side to help you select, coordinate, and supervise all the services and expertise you may need. Our family office services team aims to provide simplified and lasting support to meet your specific needs.