Open-minded, open to all

The Pictet Group supports diversity and inclusion, and our employment opportunities are open to all qualified candidates. We aspire to have a highly diverse workforce with a unique range of skills, distinctive talent and varied perspectives.

We want to create a culture that enables all our employees to develop and reach their full potential. We believe that diversity of thought and independence of mind create an inclusive working environment which fosters the pursuit of excellence. This in turn also enables us to best serve the interests of our diverse client base and build long-lasting partnerships within the communities in which we operate.

“We are not aspiring to be the biggest financial group; we want to be a responsible firm we all feel proud to work for.”

Renaud de Planta Senior Managing Partner, Pictet Group

We actively support the promotion of an inclusive culture. As an equal opportunity employer, we seek to provide employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals without regard to gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, disability, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital or parental status or any other personal characteristic. We believe in valuing our differences and ensuring that everyone can bring their true self to work.

Self-governed networks enable employees to foster open dialogue and influence positive action, including on the subjects of race and ethnicity (Race at Work Forum) and gender advancement (Pictet Women’s Network). Specific leadership, mentoring and sponsorship programs have also been developed.

To further support our employees at different stages of their careers and lives, we offer numerous competitive benefits and policies in relation to family care, including parental leave and eldercare. Flexible working arrangements are also available to all employees to encourage work life balance.

Our partnerships

Our aim to promote greater diversity and inclusion extends beyond our business, to the industry and the communities in which we operate.

We have established partnerships with organisations that not only provide support to our employees in their personal and professional lives, but also allow us to make a difference in areas such as socio-economic mobility, disability, minority and gender representation. We also encourage employees to give back to their communities and participate in charitable engagement.

Pictet-Gruppe wird für die Förderung von Geschlechtergleichheit und Inklusion am Arbeitsplatz mit der globalen EDGE-MOVE-Zertifizierung ausgezeichnet

Dies ist ein grosser Erfolg für die Pictet-Gruppe, die nach Erreichen der ersten Stufe der EDGE-Zertifizierung (1-Assess) 2019 jetzt auf der zweiten Stufe (2-Move) ausgezeichnet wurde.

Wie Ergebnisse einer externen Prüfung zeigen, hat in unserer Unternehmenskultur in den letzten drei Jahren ein Umdenken in puncto Gleichstellung der Geschlechter und Inklusion am Arbeitsplatz stattgefunden. Im Fokus der Prüfung standen folgende Aspekte: Repräsentation von Frauen, geschlechtergerechte Bezahlung, wirksame Richtlinien und Praktiken, die die gleichen Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten sicherstellen, sowie die Organisationskultur.

„Wir freuen uns, dass unsere Anstrengungen der letzten Jahre zur Förderung von Geschlechtergleichstellung offiziell anerkannt werden. Sie sind im Einklang mit unserem Ziel, ein Arbeitgeber erster Wahl zu sein. Wir werden uns weiter für eine Kultur der Inklusion auf allen Stufen der Organisation einsetzen.“

Rémy Best Teilhaber


A diversity advocate in Singapore

Shin Lee, Head of Pictet Asset Management’s Singapore office

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