“Our building will provide a working environment that is stimulating, welcoming and geared to diversity, a place that encourages interaction and also looks to the future.”

Renaud de Planta Senior Partner

To pursue the development of its activities, the Pictet Group has decided to construct an avant-garde building at the heart of the major Praille Acacias Vernets urban development project in Geneva.

The new building will play a pivotal role in the future Pictet de Rochemont Campus. Apart from symbolising both our long-term vision and a strong attachment to Geneva, where we have had our roots since 1805, the building will foster collaboration and innovation. Equipped with the most advanced technology, it will also serve as a blueprint for environmental integration in an urban environment.
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Building the future of Geneva

The Campus Pictet de Rochemont aims to become one of the most emblematic building complex of the Praille Acacias Vernets (PAV) project. Located at the heart of Geneva, the PAV is a dynamic area combining industrial, commercial and residential complexes. Its central location and easy accessibility have made it a unique opportunity in terms of urban and economic development for the region. 

The PAV project aims to transform Geneva’s largest and oldest industrial and artisanal zone into a mixed-use urban district where people will want to live and work. The inauguration of the Campus Pictet de Rochemont in 2025 will mark a big step in the development of the neighbourhood.

Rémy Best, Managing Partner, studies the architectural models in minute detail.

54,000 Office surface in square metres

90m Highest point of the campus

2500 Total number of work spaces

Designed for “well-being”

A working environment for the future

Water, air, light and greenery are the core elements of the winning project, “Feng Shui” (“well-being”).

The new building will provide spaces that will ensure Pictet employees, clients and visitors constantly remain in contact with nature, bringing them calm, strength, peace and vitality.

With 23 floors, a panoramic view from the staff restaurant terrace and the omnipresence of nature: the notion of “well-being” will be at the heart of what the building stands for. It will provide its users with a stimulating and human working environment that fosters open mindedness, transparency and cooperation.

The Campus Pictet de Rochemont will be an environmental reference in its construction concept, energy consumption and accessibility, with a strong emphasis on car-free living. At his heart, green spaces will be created, with a public park and a tree-lined perimeter, as well as the daylighting of the Drize river. Approximately 10,300m2 of the campus will be used for the construction of around 100 high-quality apartments.

How the winning project was chosen

The winning project was selected under strict competition rules demanded by the Swiss standard SIA 142, in which the most important aspect is anonymity. Each project presented had to conform to the same criteria: a 1/500 scale white model and 7 plates showing the exterior and interior of the future building.

The task of the jury of 11 members was to choose between the projects submitted by the 14 Swiss architects who had been asked to enter the competition.

Looking back at the past