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Pictet Wealth Management

18 May

Modern Monetary Theory makes inroads following coronavirus crisis

A ‘soft’ version of this approach to economic policy is here to stay.

Thomas Costerg, Senior US Ecomomist, and Jacques Henry, Cross-Asset Team Leader

8 May

Euro area: it’s never easy

Big differences in the pace of recovery between countries could pose a threat to the euro area. The ECB is helping, but some burden sharing is needed.

Nadia Gharbi, Europe Economist

Asia braces for economic impact of virus as China continues uneven recovery

The path to 'normal' will likely be lengthy and bumpy for Asian economies

Dong Chen, Senior Asia Economist

22 April

A deflationary virus

In spite of massive policy responses to the covid-19 crisis in the US and Europe, we believe inflation will stay low.

Thomas Costerg, Senior US Ecomomist, Nadia Gharbi, Europe Economist

17 April

Global Economy: Assessing the virus damage 

With data revealing more clearly the extent of the coronavirus-related damage, we are once again cutting our GDP forecasts for major economies.

Jean-Pierre Durante, Head of Applied Research, Thomas Costerg, Senior US Ecomomist, Nadia Gharbi, Economist, and Dong Chen, Senior Asia Economist

7 April

Hysteresis and other drags on recovery in the US

A look at four factors that could prevent a quick, sharp rebound in the US from the coronavirus lockdown. 

Thomas Costerg, Senior US Economist 

6 April

Central banks to the rescue

While expecting long-term yields to be capped, we remain neutral on US Treasuries. We think peripheral euro area bonds to avoid the levels of stress seen during the sovereign debt crisis. 

Lauréline Renaud-Chatelain, Fixed Income Strategist & Frederik Ducrozet, Strategist

2 April — Podcast

Covid-19 and investments: Pictet’s experts give their assessment

Listen to our podcast on the ramifications of the virus outbreak, how Pictet Wealth Management is protecting portfolios and where it sees opportunities.

02.04 — Covid-19 crisis: Entering a new phase

César Pérez Ruiz, Chief Investment Officer, and Christophe Donay, Head of Asset Allocation & Macro Research

31 March

Coronavirus is another blow to the UK economy

The virus has struck the UK at a time of much uncertainty about the country’s future relationship with the EU. We believe economic recovery will be muted and remain cautious on sterling.

Thomas Costerg, Senior US Economist, and Luc Luyet, Currencies Strategist

30 March

US policy makers fire the bazooka... but where will the shell land?

In spite of the impressive fiscal and monetary response to covid-19, the US will not avoid a recession. The question is how long and deep it will be.

Thomas Costerg, Senior US Economist

25 March

Our Global House View in the wake of Covid-19 

We see a desyncrhronised recovery in the global economy. But recession is inevitable, leading us to revise our scenarios for economies and major asset classes.

Asset Allocation & Macro Research team


Pictet Asset Management

7 May

Sovereign debt risk after the virus

How governments were placed on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic will play a significant role in how they emerge from the crisis. In our latest Fixed Income Monthly, Andres Sanchez Balcazar and Sabrina Khanniche look at the disease’s longer-term implications for the sovereign debt markets.

Andres Sanchez Balcazar, Head of Global Bonds, and Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist

30 April

The pandemic wildcard?

A global pandemic with far-reaching consequences was improbable but not completely beyond the normal realm of expectations — as this 2016 article from one of mega's founding partners shows.

Written by Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

22 April

Globalisation after the virus

The coronavirus pandemic threatens to accelerate the past decade’s shift away from globalisation. But there are reasons to be hopeful that it won’t, argues PAM’s Chief Economist Patrick Zweifel.

Patrick Zweifel, Chief Economist

17 April

Biotech gears up for the pandemic battle

The coronavirus has shone a light on the biotechnology industry. But can biotech firms strike the decisive blow against the pandemic?

Lydia Haueter, Senior Investment Manager

14 April

The Anti-Globalization Pandemic

In an opinion piece for the Milken Institute, Laurent Ramsey, Managing Partner of Pictet Group and Co-CEO of Pictet Asset Management, argues that the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to create permanent ruptures in the way countries deal and trade with each other.

Published on Milken Institute’s website.

9 April

QE in emerging markets - A new era?

In the face of the current economic crisis, emerging markets (EM) are turning to QE for the first time. Our economists look at the measures announced so far and the associated risks.

Anjeza Kadilli, Senior Economist, and Kiran Nandra, Senior Product Specialist 

1 April

Barometer: Waiting for stimulus to kick in

Governments and central banks are battling hard to contain the economic effects of a global pandemic. While the stimulus should benefit riskier assets, we continue to tread carefully.

PAM Strategy Unit

23 March

Looking beyond the coronavirus - Ukraine and Egypt

Even in extraordinarily tough markets like we're currently experiencing, opportunities remain. Find out why Ukraine and Egypt could lead the way once we are past the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sabrina Khanniche, Senior Economist, & Nikolay Markov, Senior Economist

23 March — Webcast

Where next for markets? The views of our Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit and Thematic Equities Team

With the global economy at the mercy of the coronavirus outbreak, investors should consider shoring up their defences in the near term.

PAM Strategy Unit, Thematic Equities team

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Situation de marché au 17 mars et décisions d'allocation des gérants du fonds Pictet-Multi Asset Global Opportunities

Frédéric Rollin, Conseiller en Stratégie d’Investissement, et Marco Piersimoni, Gérant d’investissement

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