Renaud de Planta has been Senior Partner of the Pictet Group since 2019

The Geneva bank is also growing on the other side of the Pacific, with an office on mainland China, in Shanghai, planned for November. “China is growing in importance thanks to its increasing role in the bond and equity indices,” explains Renaud de Planta. “It’s therefore become vital for us to develop in-depth analytical expertise in that country and its businesses.”

Renaud de Planta, Senior Partner

The banker goes on to explain how his institution has come through the Covid crisis. He comments on the consolidation taking place in the big bank sector.

A Swiss sovereign fund, but invested abroad

Renaud de Planta ends by describing his plan for a sovereign fund to be set up using the National Bank's reserves. And why “they have to be invested abroad, in currencies that reflect our import requirements. This is something that many people have not yet grasped.”

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