Created to meet the needs of US nationals and taxpayers

Pictet North America Advisors SA has been created to help US investors diversify their portfolios, and has been registered as an investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission since 2007.

Our sole mission is to advise private clients, families and institutions in the complex business of managing their wealth.

What sets us apart

Long-term view

We are committed to ensuring that our relationship with you is founded on a genuine and long-lasting partnership.

Our core values of independence, excellence, integrity and respect have ensured that our clients’ needs are the focus of all our activities. We take a long-term view in our investment philosophy, and we recruit talented individuals whom we intend to retain for decades.

Swiss based

Switzerland, our home country, is an ideal base for asset management. Well-known for its political and financial stability, it is top-ranked by the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Report and has a highly educated workforce.

Perhaps because it is a small and entrepreneurial country, Swiss business leaders have always looked outside their borders and have built companies that are global leaders in many industries. There is no better country from which to plan the global diversification of your investment portfolio.

Based in Geneva, one of the world’s foremost financial centres for private banking, we are able to offer you Switzerland’s renowned asset management expertise. Our investment capabilities span the globe, and our international outlook provides you with the know-how needed to invest around the world.

And despite being Geneva-based, our staff keep in close contact with US clients through frequent visits to the US, as well as by telephone and email.

SEC registered

Since 2007, Pictet North America Advisors has been registered as an investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Disclosure brochure (Form ADV Part 2A)

In accordance with Rule 204-3 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Pictet North America Advisors SA is required to offer its clients a copy of its disclosure brochure (Form ADV Part 2A). As a result, we would be delighted to provide you with a copy of our most recent version upon request.

Part of the Pictet Group

Although Pictet North America Advisors is a separate company, it is wholly owned by the Pictet Group.

Founded more than 200 years ago, our parent company ranks as one of Europe’s leading independent wealth and asset managers. Even though it now has a worldwide presence and a global perspective, Pictet retains the characteristics that have helped clients to prosper over two centuries.

The most important of these are the continuity and independence created by a partnership of owner-managers who are responsible for the strategic management and oversight of the Group.

Since 1805, Pictet has focused solely on managing the wealth of private individuals, families and institutional investors. It does not engage in any form of investment banking, and nor does it extend any commercial loans.

Pictet North America Advisors has been set up with the same philosophy and culture and is committed to upholding them for US clients. As a trusted and lasting partner, we are well-placed to take care of your wealth management.

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