Sources of CO2 emissions of the Pictet Group in 2019

Reduction of CO2, per employee between 2007 and 2019

Energy efficiency in 2019

We have employed a range of solutions to increase the energy efficiency of Pictet’s head office in Geneva. The three main installations – a solar air conditioning plant, a heat transfer plant and photovoltaic panels – mean that we can avoid using fossil fuels and prevent CO2 emissions, and also produce clean electricity. Thanks to these three installations, the Pictet Group cuts its CO2 emissions in 2019 by 295 tons.

We built our Geneva headquarters in 2006 with sustainability in mind. At the time – a full nine years before the Paris Agreement of 2015 – this kind of consideration was still rare.

42,703 In kWh of produced energy, the equivalent of recharging 470 electric cars

103,597 Number of litres of fuel oil saved thanks to the heat transfer system between our Geneva buildings

600 Size in m2 of the solar air conditioning plant on the roof of Pictet’s headquarters in Geneva

958 In kilogrammes, CO2 emission per employee at Pictet’s Paris office – the Group’s lowest carbon footprint

Support green mobility

Promoting video conferencing as an alternative to business travel

For the last decade, long before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pictet has constantly been expanding its videoconferencing systems, with the aim of reducing its carbon emissions linked to business travel.

While nothing replaces physical meetings, we encourage the use of video conferencing. In total, 290 video conferencing facilities have been installed across the Pictet Group. Between 2010 and 2019, the number of video conferences rose sharply.

Video conferences on the rise

Promoting soft mobility

We encourage our employees to opt for soft mobility solutions for commuting to and from work.

There are various benefits available to employees at our Geneva head office:

  • Free recharging stations for electric bikes and cars
  • Free public transport for employees who give up their parking spot 
  • A partnership with Genève Roule, a local association that provides electric bikes