The Pictet Group Foundation strives to improve the lives and well-being of the most vulnerable, fostering a more resilient and sustainable future for all. It supports projects that help mitigate pressing challenges for the environment and youth.

“Philanthropy was a civic responsibility long before it became a corporate responsibility. For us, it’s about a desire to serve.”

Nicolas Pictet President of the Board
Pictet Group Foundation

Pictet Group Foundation

The Pictet Group Foundation is a grant making foundation established by the Managing Partners of Pictet to pursue our long-term tradition of social engagement and environmental commitment.

Our vision

A more resilient and sustainable future for all.

Our mission

Philanthropy for effective social and environmental impact that will improve the lives of the most vulnerable and the well-being of future generations.

Our core focus areas

Water and Nutrition together are two of the most basic needs for human life. Yet with climate change and a growing population, fulfilment of these needs is becoming a major challenge in many parts of the world.

The Pictet Group Foundation  supports projects and impact driven solutions that build resilient communities and ecosystems in the field of Water and Nutrition, with a view to further expand into other areas in line with the Group’s responsible vision.

By partnering with entrepreneurial social and environmental changemakers, the Foundation seeks to have maximum impact at grassroots, community and policy level.



An essential resource for all

Clean water is essential for the well-being and survival of all human beings and ecosystems, yet a large, and increasing, part of the world population does not have reliable access to clean water.

Water For People promotes the development of universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation services. ©Water For People

The Foundation supports actions that provide access to clean and affordable water and sanitation to underserved communities with a special focus on schools and education, as well as water related solutions that foster healthy ecosystems.

The Pictet Group Foundation’s engagement in this field aims to support similar goals as the Group’s thematic water investment strategy, which focuses on companies that help provide safe water for the growth and health of society.


Supported projects on water



Africa Water Solutions
Access to clean water in rural Uganda

Africa Water Solution improves access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructures in rural communities of Uganda. Africa Water Solutions trains the local population and facilities staff (schools and health centers) to adopt best practices of hygiene, water-harvesting, handwashing and water disinfection solutions in the long run.


Water For People
Reaching Everyone Forever in Guatemala

Water For People promotes the development of universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation services sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. In Guatemala, Water For People implements community managed piped water supply systems, capacity building activities for government and community partners, and improved sanitation infrastructure and hygiene education to ensure that every school, health clinic, and household has access to reliable WASH services, even in the most vulnerable and hard to reach communities.

WWF logo

Rivers of Food
How healthy rivers are central to feeding the world

Pictet Group Foundation supported the study by WWF, analysing four critical components of food production that rely on rivers: freshwater fisheries and aquaculture, deltas, irrigation, and flood recession agriculture. The study highlights the considerable value that rivers provide in terms of nutrition and food security. Preserving the rich biodiversity found in and around rivers and managing the resources of these fragile ecosystems is essential, given the challenges regarding access to water and healthy nutrition.

Find out more on WWF website 


Addressing malnutrition

Appropriate and healthy nutrition during childhood and youth is essential to ensure the growth, development and health of a child. Yet today one in three children do not thrive due to malnutrition.

In the field of Nutrition, the Foundation supports actions that address malnutrition, underweight and overweight, and that promote health and growth.

Through their Mentor Mother Programme, Philani runs community based maternal and child health activities in South Africa. ©Philani

The Foundation also aims to address food supply shortcomings by tackling food insecurity, food waste and encouraging the shift to a more sustainable food system.

The Pictet Group Foundation’s engagement in this field aims to support similar goals as the Group’s thematic nutrition investment strategy. The strategy invests in companies that provide food for health and growth and help secure the world’s food supply, while reducing disease and mortality and preserving our planet.


Supported projects on nutrition


Reshaping urban food retail environments for prevention of childhood overweight in East Asia and Pacific

UNICEF promotes children’s right to healthier and adequate nutrition. Due to a dramatic increase in overweight and obese children globally, but especially in East Asia Pacific, UNICEF aims to reshape urban food retail environments. Together with academic institutes and government ministries we want to translate evidence into policies to encourage healthier purchasing and consumption behavior.


Social kitchen and vocational culinary training in favelas of Brazil

Gastromotiva provides vocational culinary and food entrepreneur training for low-income young adults from the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba in Brazil. The NGO also introduces community kitchens and offering take away meals for extremely vulnerable families, following a social gastronomy model that involves reducing food waste while improving food sustainability and reducing food insecurity.


Mother and Child Health in South Africa

Through their Mentor Mother Programme, Philani runs community based maternal and child health activities, including the rehabilitation of malnourished children, for families who are in situations of extreme vulnerability. Philani aims to improve the physical and cognitive development of children, to decrease morbidity rates and in the long term, intergenerational poverty.

Community involvement

In Switzerland, the Foundation focuses on social actions that provide direct and practical assistance to people in need. It partners with non-profit organizations active in the field of humanitarian aid, the defense of human rights, education, disadvantaged youth and the environment. The Foundation also supports the arts and cultural institutions in Geneva and Switzerland.

In 2019, 200 employees worldwide gave up their time for the community. Here, some Geneva-based staff helped sort food for "Partage", Geneva’s food-bank charity.

Following the Group’s long tradition of giving back to the community, the Foundation supports activities in locations where Pictet has offices, that drive employee volunteering and community involvement, in particular in the areas of the Nutrition, Water, the Environment and Education.

Project selection

  • We actively reach out to potential organizations who share our values and whose approach is aligned with our strategy. 
  • We support partners who are committed to clear goals and projects that can deliver enduring impact supported by evidence-based data.
  • The Foundation does not accept unsolicited funding requests nor does it support requests for sponsorships, charity balls or galas.

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