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We provide customised discretionary and advisory investment solutions, drawing on the Group’s specialists across almost all asset classes, as well as operational services. Our experts in Family Office services also help clients with multigenerational wealth transmission.

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Pictet’s Latam Family Office Master Class, Nassau, The Bahamas, Spring 2019.

Anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush was in the Bahamas for Pictet’s Latam Family Office Master Class to enlighten Latin American families on how shifting technology consumption is affecting how we interact with each other and redefining our belief systems. Despite the challenges for companies and individuals when it comes to navigating fake data and adapting to a new digital ethical landscape, she also argues that there are plenty of investor prospects, in terms of emerging digital markets that often start out on the fringes of the internet.

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Pictet’s Latam Family Office Master Class, Nassau, The Bahamas, Spring 2019.

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Technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives, from business interactions to the way we communicate in our private lives. Pictet’s 2019 Latam Family Office Master Class delved into this topic around the central themes of geopolitics, families and the new power of social media. Alongside a Pictet line-up, guest panelists and speakers ranged from the ‘Financial Times’ US editor Edward Luce to Florida’s former governor Jeb Bush.

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Pictet is one of Switzerland’s leading private banks, with a world-class reputation for performance, integrity and client service.

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