“Many companies describe themselves as responsible corporate citizens. No doubt many are. But at Pictet, we believe that a sense of responsibility – towards our clients, our employees and the wider community – lies at the heart of Pictet’s values.”

— Rémy Best, Managing Partner, Pictet Group

Pioneers in sustainable investments

Responsible investing aims to capture the growing awareness of the responsibility that everybody feels toward the society and environment in which we live. But a sustainable investment offering requires serious reflection.

Pictet has remained a private partnership ever since its foundation in 1805. In the succeeding 214 years, there have only been 43 partners, and with few exceptions always with overlapping terms. Such longevity and continuity can only be achieved with a long-term vision, firmly fixed on the interests not only of the current generation, but also of future generations. This future-directed philosophy transmits directly into responsibility and a sustainable way of thinking.

In the field of portfolio investment, we were early pioneers in sustainable investment funds and funds with an environmental aspect. In 2000 we launched a strategy that invests in water, the first of its kind. We plan to take account of environmental, social and governance factors even more in our investment decisions generally. In our business operations, we have set strict targets for reducing the Group’s carbon footprint per employee.

In our brochure Responsible Investing, we set out to define our approach to responsible investing in today’s world.

With over 200 years’ experience of investment, and of achieving stability and continuity amid change, we believe we can help investors to navigate this shifting world by identifying long-term, sustainable strategies.

By embedding a responsible investment approach at every stage of our value chain, we ensure a thorough understanding of the exter­nalities surrounding our investment, better manage risks and generate sustainable, long-term returns.

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