An institutional approach for managing family wealth across generations

Pictet’s Family Office Services was created in 1998, although our tradition, experience and expertise in managing family wealth stem from the Bank’s inception in 1805. There is far more to protecting, growing and monitoring assets than just choosing the right investment strategy, vital though that is.

In an increasingly complex world, we accompany wealthy families and individuals in developing a structured, holistic and comprehensive approach that reflects the family’s objectives. Managing wealth successfully involves drawing on a broad range of services. We have thus designed a solution-oriented process based on three principles of governance.

Family governance

Managing and nurturing family wealth

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an inherited wealthy family, solid foundations are essential. It is vital to establish a family strategy with short term and long term objectives, supported by an efficient and organised platform to deliver your family’s ambitions. Philanthropy can be part of one of these objectives, where a common goal can be a means to further unite the family and offer unique educational virtues.

Investment governance

One philosophy, three key components

Aligned to your needs and objectives, we make full use of diversification opportunities by building from the broadest base of investment managers and tools, and extending, when appropriate, into non-traditional and illiquid assets. We accompany you through the journey of 1. devising your strategy, 2. deciding on your portfolio architecture and 3. selecting and coordinating your multi-asset and multi-manager platform.

Operational governance

Complexity made simple

We extend a one-stop shop Global Custody offering with a single entry point, providing a full and comprehensive overview of your total wealth. Best-in-class tailor-made reporting identifies opportunities and risks. Our around-the-clock trading provides maximum flexibility and seamless coverage across all significant asset classes and markets.

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Promoting Family Businesses New partnership between Pictet and IMD Lausanne

Rewarding excellence

The IMD Global Family Business Center is based in Lausanne and has now been operational for more than 30 years. It was the first institute to focus on family businesses, their values, the principles they champion and their particular characteristics.

In October 2018, Pictet joined forces with IMD and now sponsors the IMD Global Family Business Award, a prestigious annual prize presented to a company that successfully combines family and business interests, tradition and innovation, while at the same time fully assuming its social responsibility.

“As owners and managers, Pictet’s partners are themselves entrepreneurs, and the way we operate is similar to a family business. We understand their needs and speak the same language.”

Rémy Best Managing partner and joint head of Pictet Wealth Management

On 12 October 2018, at the Family Business Network Summit in Venice, our partner Rémy Best presented the Italian family group De Agostini with the award.

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De Agostini Group wins the 2018 IMD Global Family Business Award, sponsored by Pictet

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