From off-the-shelf asset allocation strategies to an investment toolkit designed for investors who prefer to keep direct control of their investment decisions.
Decision making

Decision making

We have a range of solutions available for reaching your objectives, either using our multi-asset managed strategies or keeping direct control of your investment decisions.

Delegate your asset allocation

If you do not wish to get involved in investment decisions, our multi-asset managed strategies are designed for you. They are based on our constantly refined house view on market prospects.

These strategies offer asset allocations in different currencies for a range of profiles that take account of your investment horizon, your goals and your risk appetite.


Multi-Asset Classic

A strategy that operates within a rigorous investment process built with liquidity, transparency, and risk monitoring in mind. Actively managed and diversified, the Multi-Asset Classic strategy leverages the full extent of our research.

Multi-Asset Dynamic Opportunities

A strategy built around a diverse set of high conviction, liquid investments, adaptable to changing market conditions and incorporating defined investment themes.

Multi-Asset Responsible Investing

An actively managed and diversified investment strategy with a keen focus on responsible investing. The Multi-Asset Responsible Investing strategy is designed for clients with a long-term perspective and a desire to invest responsibly.


Tailor your asset allocation

As a substantial wealth owner, you and your family can determine your level of involvement in defining an investment strategy.


Global Fiduciary Management

Our global fiduciary management offer is aimed at wealth owners who wish to tailor their asset allocation while retaining the flexibility to define their investment strategy. It is a holistic, consolidated and institutional-like approach that aims to reduce the complexity involved in managing wealth.

Pictet Investment Office | PIO

Our Pictet Investment Office offer is aimed at substantial, entrepreneurial wealth owners who have a long-term investment horizon, no liquidity constraints and a high tolerance for short-term drawdowns. It is a proven multi-asset, equity-biased and benchmark-unconstrained investment approach that builds on the in-depth knowledge of a dedicated team of experts.

Design your asset allocation

For an even more bespoke approach, you can access our deep expertise across all asset classes through a variety of options – from in-house managed strategies to funds, single lines and derivative-based investments – while retaining control of your preferred asset allocation.


Single-Asset Managed Strategies


For clients who wish to gain access to Pictet’s expertise in equities by investing in a broad set of global, regional, or thematic strategies.

Fixed Income

For clients who wish to gain access to Pictet’s expertise in fixed income by investing in an extensive range of market segments and regions.


For clients wishing to avail of a wide variety of Pictet’s alternatives investment strategies according to the level of delegation preferred.

Advisory Solutions

Advisory mandates are designed for clients who wish to keep control of their asset allocation, manage the positions in their portfolio themselves while benefitting from ongoing interactions with Pictet experts. There are four levels.


The Access Advisory mandate provides access to a variety of implementation options and to our best investment ideas across all asset classes and available products.


The Advanced Advisory mandate provides access to a variety of implementation options and enables you to design your own asset allocation with the support of a dedicated Investment Specialist.


The Direct Advisory mandate is designed for sophisticated investors who trade intensively. It provides tailored trading strategies and dedicated advice on the major financial markets.


The Expert Advisory mandate is designed for investors who wish to keep control of their single-asset allocation and actively manage the positions in their portfolio. It provides you with access to a variety of implementation options and it enables you to design your own asset allocation within specific asset classes.

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