2nd Pillar

The Pictet Vested Benefits Foundation (2nd Pillar) was created on 1 January 1989 to offer tailored solutions to manage vested pension capital accrued under the so-called 2nd Pillar of the Swiss pension system.

Through a rigorous approach to investment and professional management, and by taking advantage of all the investment possibilities allowed under Swiss law, the Foundation's aim is to increase your pension assets.

The Foundation allows for overall management of all of an individual’s vested benefits capital as well as offering the following advantages:

  • lower fees;
  • greater opportunity for diversification (because of larger sums available);
  • less overall risk as a result.

The following are the situations in which you are required to open a vested benefits account:

  • if you change occupational pension schemes and your vested benefits are not transferred to your new employer in their entirety;
  • if you stop working temporarily;
  • if you become self-employed;
  • if you get divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved;
  • if you are no longer legally obliged to have pension cover;
  • if you leave Switzerland for good.