Vested benefits or individual retirement savings account

This is the procedure to follow if you would like to open a vested benefits or individual retirement savings account with one of the Pictet foundations.

Determine your investor profile

To choose the portfolio that best suits your circumstances, you first have to determine:

  • your “risk appetite” or tolerance to fluctuations in the value of your assets,
  • the expected duration of your investment.

A choice of portfolios for every profile

The Pictet Foundations allow you to choose how you distribute your retirement capital between the six different investment portfolios listed below. You may also decide temporarily not to invest part or all of your vested benefits.

If you are willing to incur risks, you might prefer to choose a portfolio with a higher percentage of equities. You could achieve potentially greater capital appreciation, provided that you are able to withstand potentially higher fluctuations from one year to another.

The charts below show which portfolio(s) might best meet your investment goals.

Determine the amount to be invested

When your vested benefits capital comes from a pension fund or vested benefits foundation, you can choose whether you invest some or all of the amount.

Depending on your financial resources, you are free to choose how much and how often you want to pay into your individual retirement savings account. However, the annual contribution must not exceed the maximum tax-deductible amounts. You can also transfer all or part of the retirement capital that you have accrued with another 3rd Pillar A institution to an account with our foundation.